Stories of Hope

Sandra's Story Hope is a way to remain connected
to those she cares about most

When she first learned of Locking in Hope, she purchased a lock to memorialize her son Ryan Pinneo who passed away in January 2016 at age 22 from fentanyl poisoning. While locking on her enduring love of her son Ryan, she attached a 2nd lock representing her involvement in the “Moms Stop The Harm” network, and their collective HOPE for anyone struggling with substance use or the loss of a loved one from drug related harms. Recently, she took three close friends to see the Locking in Hope installation at Riverside Park. Together they decided to lock on the power of their friendship through good times and bad; buying 4 more locks and spending the day decorating them with each of their initials to be forever connected to Sandra and her son Ryan.

Sandra has bought a 7th lock which she will be attaching in August to commemorate International Overdose Awareness Day.

Anvil’s Story Turning Steel into Hope

Just past LaFarge you’ll find Anvil Ironworks of Kamloops. Anvil is a full service steel fabricator specializing in the welding and fabrication of steel for construction, bridges, mining and other industrial applications. It’s a noisy, busy place full of raw steel, cutting machines, heavy crane type lifts, welding stations and hard working fellows. Not the typical spot for the creation of a piece of public art. But for the past few months, Anvil has had a special project -- building HOPE.

Marvin and Nathan from Anvil decided to take on the fabrication of our HOPE infrastructure. Nathan, who does not like to draw attention to himself, admits he is super proud of this project and calls it ‘his baby’. And not unlike a baby, it had him up working on it at 4:30 a.m. through the later part of the winter. He estimates the heart took about 80 hours alone and the entire installment represents about 250 hours of effort and attention. We could not have achieved our dream for LOCKING IN HOPE without the creativity, professionalism and dedication of these folks at Anvil Ironworks.

Listen to Nathan talk about his experience

Jo-Ann’s Story Locks of Love Made Christmas 2018 So Meaningful

I purchased 15 locks in total for Christmas 2018. The first one was to celebrate new love in my fathers life after my mom passed away a few years ago. This inspired me to do others; I did locks for my children, my sisters, my nephews and my best friend. All customized with tags in their favorite colours. Then I got even more emotional -- and creative. I realized my best friend needed more closure on the passing of her father and her sister so I did a lock in memory of each as a gift to her. And I did ones to memorialize the passing of my own mother, my Nana, and my Father-in-law. And of course I am locking in hope for both myself and my husband. On Christmas Eve, my husband hooked up my ipad to our TV and we had the Locking in Hope website on screen so everyone could see how amazing this project is. I got all my tags, engraved twice-over, from Petland -- the folks there were amazing. Our Christmas was very special with these unique gifts definitely made with love! Can’t wait to lock them all on at Riverside Park on June 6, 2019.

- Jo-Ann Dennery

Jeff’s Story Hope is one of the best things I could build

I’ve spend close to 25 years building people’s homes, offices, schools, and businesses. It’s always rewarding. But nothing is as rewarding as imagining and building a ‘legacy of hope’ where everyone who wants to be part of it, can be. I’m passionate about the potential of this Locking-In Hope project because I imagine how powerful it’s going to be when so many people, from Kamloops and from away, can collectively show what love and hope looks like to them.

I’m buying 60 locks to show each member of my company how much I value what they build in our community every day.

- Jeff Arnold
President, A&T Project Developments Inc.

Trish's Story We love helping people show their love

When we heard about the Locking-In Hope project, we immediately thought about all of the guests who come to our store to demonstrate their love and affection for the four legged members of their family – past and present. We think this project is such a beautiful way for Kamloops to come together. Anyone can participate – and help those in need at the same time. We just think this idea is so cool.

We look forward to helping in any way we can – including helping our guests engrave a special message for their lock.

- Trish Hines
Owner, Petland

Sharon’s Story Bringing the love lock idea closer to home

I was travelling in Europe a few years ago with my kids and got the chance to lock a heart lock saying “Love Mom” onto a similar installation in Lisbon Portugal. I bought an extra lock to bring home with me. When I realized how the ‘heart’ symbol of the Food Bank represents their motto of ‘feeding hope for a hunger free community’ I knew immediately where my next love lock belonged – in Kamloops! Now I’ll have the chance to put a “Love Mom” lock – one for each of my kids (and their kids someday) -- onto something they can visit over and over again.

I’m buying 5 locks so there is one for each member of my family.

- Sharon Stevens
Communication Solutions

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